Backwater Environmental Escape Rendezvous
The B.E.E.R. - Cruise 2015
June 2015 in Pensacola, Florida
(Click image to see 5 min slide show)
B.E.E.R. is an annual meeting attended mostly by trailer sailors from all over the United States and even from Canada. The rendezvous is organized by local sailors, based out of the Pensacola Shipyard and Marina. The 2015 group of 40+ boats had the traditional Friday dinner at the marina and was leaving Saturday morning for Pensacola Beach, for an evening of good food and great company. Sunday morning the group sailed west into the Big Bay and was anchoring at the beach in “Sailboat Cove”. After two nights on the beach with evening campfires and relaxing days the group returned to the Marina to take the mast down and trailer back to their home-ports.