Jeff of Arena Yachts spend the afternoon with us on our first cruise on San Francisco Bay. Jeff gave us a hands-on introduction to our new boat and all it’s features and technologies.

Prelude to May 11, 2008:

Ever since I can remember, I was intrigued by sailboats, but I never had an opportunity to realize my dream. By the end of 2007, Connie and I were talking more and more that it would be nice to have a small cruising boat. After studying literature and the demo-video’s had spiked our interest, we wanted to see the real thing. During a concert visit in January 2008 to LA we went to the local dealer to get a close look at the Macgregor 26M, but we were not ready to pull the trigger at that time. In February 2008, still intrigued, we visited a boat-show in Sacramento and we met the great folks of Arena Yacht Sales, Jeff and Dan. Jeff and Dan, unlike the LA dealer, spend the time with us to show and explain to us every detail of the boat and subsequently invited us to a future test-sail on San Francisco Bay. We arranged for the test-sail in Mid-March 2008. Now we were really excited, about our first sailboat ride ever.
The test-sail was a great experience and the family decided that sailing will be in our future. We ordered “New Love” on March 20, 2008. The last step, prior to taking delivery of our new toy, was to say good-by to my beloved Mustang and trade it for a truck to tow the boat.
After all, we are strictly a “One-Toy” Family!
On May 11, 2008 we took delivery of “New Love”.